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Designed to Sell

Emotion is the driving force behind a buyer's home selection.

The Painted Door is an interior decorating firm that specializes in home staging.  We work with homeowners to prepare their home to sell quickly in today's competitive real estate market using existing furnishings and/or our large inventory of fine furnishings and on-trend accessories.  We can provide a fresh perspective and a professional eye to style your surroundings so they are a reflection of the best of you.

Meet Liz...

Longtime resident of the Woodlands, Liz is a licensed real estate agent with an eye for design.  She regularly staged homes she was listing, so she decided to turn her passion into her career!  "I absolutely love transforming a client's space into a beautiful, stylish home or turning a cold and dark vacant house back into a warm and elegant home."

The Painted Door specializes in transforming spaces with furnishings and accessories that make the maximum impact for a minimum investment. 

Liz is married, keeps the 3 kids ages 9-12 organized for school and extracurricular activities, enjoys traveling, and would love to discuss your project.

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