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Vacant Home Staging

Staging a vacant home before listing in a competitive real estate market is one of the most important steps to take. 

Staged homes sell for higher prices and significantly faster.

Walking into a vacant, cold, dark house...voices echo, shoes click-clack with each step...This is not the warm welcome a buyer wants when walking into their "Home."  Vacant homes appear to have many flaws and buyers focus on these flaws because they have nothing else to focus on. When a home is staged, like the examples above, buyers can feel a connection and imagine themselves living there: eating at the kitchen table, watching movies on the couch, entertaining friends. They picture themselves and their life in that house.

As homeowners, we take pride in our homes. We love them. We have memories attached to them. We nurture them and appreciate all their attributes and quirks. It is imperative to get potential buyers to focus on the same positives that we take pride in. The home must make a good impression, evoke feelings and exude comfort, to win buyers over.

Contact The Painted Door for a personalized Vacant Home Staging consultation and proposal.

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